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                                        Fort Lauderdale International Open

                                              Rules and General Information


Bowling will begin on Sunday, May 21, 2017 and end with the final Masters Event Friday, May 26, 2017. An Awards dinner will be held on Friday evening.


The Fort Lauderdale International Open is an open tournament for all adult bowlers 21+ years of age.  Teams may be of mixed gender.  Players must be 21 years of age as of tournament start date.  US players must be members of USBC and hold an adult membership. 


All entry fees must be paid in advance of bowling.  Payment may be made as bank wire transfer, check drawn on US bank, travelers checks or cash.  Entry fee may also be paid  by credit card - Visa, Master Card, AMEX or Dinners Club are accepted (credit cards will incur a 4% surcharge for processing). 

All checks must be paid two weeks in advance of tournament and in case of a rejection of a check by the bank a $35 fee will be charged. 


Entry fees are refundable for cause, as determined by the Tournament organizing committee, before start of Tournament - however, you will be charged for one night hotel occupancy unless we receive cancellation notice 72 hours in advance.  All reservations must be made through the Tournament Office.  There will be no refund of entry fees once  the tournament has started.


Entry fees package includes 7 nights in the Tournament's official hotel of choice, all bowling events, bus transportation between Tournament hotel and Lanes and from Fort Lauderdale or Miami airports, reception, an evening casino trip and the Awards Dinner. 


Hotel - Our official hotel is the Holiday Inn Express, Plantation, FL.  No rooms will be reserved without payment of entry fee.  Your entry fee includes 7 nights in a standard room with daily hot breakfast - single or double occupancy (arrival Saturday, May 20th with check out the following Saturday, May 27th).  Our special hotel rate for extra nights will be $99.00 plus 11% taxes, payable at time of entry registration. 


Winners' awards will be given as cash prizes in US funds and will be distributed at Award dinner. All prize funds per places and number of places are based on number of players entered.  Doubles and Team prize list will be adjusted if more than 40 players are entered.


     Based on  estimated 40 players the prize funds are as follows:

                        1st Place: $200 per team
                        2nd Place: $100 per team
                        3rd Place: $50 per team

                        1st Place: $400 per team
                        2nd Place: $200 per team
                        3rd Place: $100 per team

                        1st Place:  $2,000
                        2nd Place: $1,000
                        3rd Place: $750
                        4th place:  $250
                        5th Place:  $100


Bowling will include two days of doubles (4 games per day),  two days of team event (4 games per day), one day of Masters Event qualifier (4 games),  and one day of 5 games of Masters Event "Round Robin" to determine top prize winners. 


Doubles event, consisting of 2 players per doubles team,  will be played over two days (4 games per day). 

Team event, consisting of 4 players per team, will be played over two days (4 games per day). 


Masters event, will be played over 2 days, will be played by individual players. The first day of Masters will consist of 4 games of qualifying for finals of Masters Event.   Each bowler's 4 game total will be added to their total pins from their combined total pins from doubles and team.


Masters Round Robin Finals:  The top 6 players after Match Play qualifying will bowl a Masters Round Robin Finals Event consisting of 5 one-game matches, one against the other in a Round Robin format.  No scores will be carried over from previous events.


Points for the Round Robin will be awarded as follows:

Won:    20 pins bonus

Tie:       10 pins bonus

200-249 game  05 pins bonus

250-300 game  10 pins bonus


Tie scores - When scores are equal (tied) for any of the prize positions in doubles or team, there shall be no roll-off, but co-champions shall be declared and prize money for places will be combined and split equally. 


When a tie occurs during the Masters qualifying games for the last advancing position extra frames will be bowled until the tie is broken with as many additional 10th frames as needed to break the tie.

If a tie score occurs in any of the prize positions after the Round Robin is completed  there shall be no roll-off, but co-positions shall be declared and prize money for those places will be combined and split equally. 


There will be 10 minutes of practice before doubles event, and 15 minutes before the team event.  There will be 10 minutes of practice before the start of any Masterís event.


Incomplete teams-  A doubles teams, 2 players, which does not have a full complement of bowlers may not bowl the doubles event.  A Team, 4 players, which does not have a full complement of bowlers may not bowl the team event.


Oil patterns for lane conditions will be determined by the Tournament organizing committee.


The application of any foreign substance on any part of the approach that detracts from the  possibility of other players having a normal playing condition is prohibited.  The WTBA rule on this is the same as USBC rule and will be followed - products made by bowling manufacturers to help players to get a good slide in their approach, such as shoe slide is permitted, as long as others players do not file a protest that the approach is negatively influenced. Products that are not on the USBC approved list are prohibited. The recent USBC  list can be found at:  Powder products for use on bowling balls may not be kept on the score table and may only be used in a manner that does not impact other players in any way.


Cleaning the bowling ball during competition - Any cloth towel that is non-abrasive and does not modify the surface finish of the ball and  contains no chemical additives will be acceptable for use during the competition.  The USBC list with approved ball cleaners can also be found at:


Scoring errors - Errors in scoring or errors in calculation in tournament play must be corrected by a responsible Tournament Official immediately upon discovery of such error. Questionable errors, which would have a direct effect on the results, will be decided upon by the Organizing Committee of the tournament. The time limit for filing protests on scoring errors is one hour after the first squad the next morning. The time limit for filing protests on scoring errors in the last day before the masters is two hours after the moment the results are published. If the player does not agree with the decision made by the managing committee a written appeal, by the team captain, should be handed over to the commission of appeal.


Playing uniforms - There are no official uniforms, however, teams are encouraged to  dress appropriately and in like shirts.


Protests - All other protests, not mentioned in these rules must be submitted promptly by a team captain or representative of a team in writing and given to the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director will give the protest to the commission of appeal, formed by the organizing committee, which will consist of the Tournament Director, a Tournament staff member and representatives from two other teams.  The commission of appeal will decide and give the verdict in writing to all involved. The decision will be final.



Fort Lauderdale International Open


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